fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

Lifelong learner

The huge knowledge gap & research gap @Fijian Education System. #Need more researchers.

Fiji needs more Indigenous Fijian Education Researchers using our own indigineous Fijian frameworks .

The Sau( cord) is the line of scaffolding .SPerham

Who am I ? My Vanua Identity.


There are two untouched grounds at Wailada Industrial Area Lami. One belongs to my yavutu. The second belongs to the old Lami Village site now known as Koromakawa. .My ancestors are burried at Koromakawa.

Where is it?

Wailada  Lami , the old Village  site .

Mataidevo- our household name.

My indigenous knowledge is localised.

Learning through actual experience.

Nauluni,Lami,Tikina o Suva.

Photo taken from Suvavou Bridge overlooking Lami River Mouth and Veisese.

My indigenous knowledge is localised.

Vasu ( Maternal Village): Women connect blood ties.

Remnants of the Methodist Church building that was heavily impacted by Cyclone Winston in February 07,2016.

How can indigenous Fijian teachers impact positive learning outcomes if they are not committed to a Lifelong Learning program?

Be an Inquirer.Dau vulica na vakatatro .