fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

How do we motivate a Fijian child learner impacted by covid-19?

The Fijian Child Learner in the middle.How best can we help?

The fears .The insecurities.Who will feed the Fijian child learner?

Falling Back to the Land :nature as teacher @COVID19 lockdown.

A balancing act.

Be a Self Taught Learner during the Covid 19 lockdown. Teach yourself a new skill.

Digital Literacies are the new fundamental skills for today and tomorrow's citizen.

Self taught skills can only be possible through an Inquiring Mind with good aptitude and attitude towards learning something new.

Leadership matters.

Knowledge Gap Exposed at Supplementary Resources

Self Taught Skills is important.

The Huge Knowledge Gap in Fijian Education.

Be Open Minded about changes in learning and teaching.

Digital Media Literacy Skills : included or excluded .

Children have stories to tell and write.

Do we have a technology driven curriculum ?

Learn To Do the Right Thing

Be a Responsible Citizen