fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

Values Education starts from home.Focused Mindset to long term planning & commitment.

Learning to read in my first language matters.

New padagogies are replacing old methods of teaching ....

Listening ,Comprehending,Understanding and Actions.

Local Content Knowledge

Teachers as Resource Writers

Na noda iyau ni wasawasa

Eat colours for your health .Na wainimate ni bula e tiko ena dui roka ni kakana.

Local economy :supply and demand

Water is Life .

Matanivola Nn

Im still living in debt ...

How am I spending my money ?

Matanivola Kk Kavika

K -Kavika

Matanivola Vv

Vonu ,Vasua,Vuda ,Vudi

Na cava o raica rawa?

Au raica rawa e .....

Matanivola na Uu

Vosa mala dua kei na buli vosa

Serekali :Na Goneyalewa ni Viti

Na noqu buli kula

Matanivola na Bb

Name that fish ....

The fijian Middleman

With so little money ,how can I stretch it!!

What can I buy with Fijian $10.00

Endless opportunities to deliver better learning outcomes from one topic@precooke meals.

Fair Trading , food sources , and the middleman.We should pay fairly .

Food Sources and The nama market in Fiji

We should pay a fair price for nama.

Days of the Week and Common backyard leaves

Na draunikau cava?

Kau salusalu

I saluwaki ni waiwai,salusalu

Whom Am I

Na Drodrolagi ni Bula

Eat Your Colours

Crabs of Fiji

Na iqasiqasi nei Ra qari

Crabs of Fiji

Na iqasiqasi nei Ra Qari

Na Drodrolagi Ni Bula

Eat Your Colours

Na Drodrolagi ni Bula

Eat Your Colours

An indigenous Fijian learner should know their Vanua story. It is part of their identity.

What is it like to be an indigenous  Fijian?

What are some of the special characteristics of an indigenous  Fijian?

How  well do you know your  Vanua story?

Provision for age appropriate sexuality education in Fiji is neccessary.

Who am I

Indigenous Fijian Moon ,traditional calendar .

Astronomy,Ecology ,Ocean ,Land and Human Interactions

"Rogo Mai Na Kaci '

We will remember them

The Spice Trade

Spice corner at the local market.

Purple -Lokaloka

Roka Vaka Viti

Druggie generation : Vote Life or Death

Choose Life or Death

Alphabetic Principle is fundamental.

Letters of the Alphabets

Valenikuro nei Buqu Nasty Attitude

Work on this

Collective Responsibility as guardians of the environment.

What a load of Rubbish !!

Na Matanivola (Alphabets)

Matanivola VakaViti

Na iwiliwili Vaka-Viti

Mathematising in Fijian ( Place Value)

Na Veidokai -Serekali ( Poem) by Ratu Semi Seruvakula ( RIP).

Na iwiliwili VakaViti

Place Value in Indigenous Fijian

Vosa maladua :Kalasi Dua

Na Rorogo

Serekali( Poem)

Na Veidokai by Rt Semi Seruvakula ( RIP)

The Huge Knowledge Gap = The existence of non readers among indigenous Fijian students @ Primary .

Na iwiliwili VakaViti

Place Value in indigenous Fijian

Math, Language & Values all in one.

Matanivola Cc (pronounced as th in the,this,that)

Cc Cogadrogadro

A huge crisis has come about. A significant number of indigenous Fijian children do not know how to read in their first language-Vosa VakaViti. The need is huge, to write stories in Vosa Vaka Viti language.Would you care to join our writing group ?

February -Veverueri

Na Vula i Sevu -First Fruits Offering

Money and Bargaining Skills at the fish market

Money coming in,Money going out .

Na Rorogo .Vosa Maladua

Vola vosa kei na wilivola

Ginger farmers of Fiji: Challenges&Opportunities

We grow lots of ginger in Fiji.


Manners and Character