fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

fijian educators malua meu taro mada

"Malua meu taro mada"

Liga ni Magiti- Our mothers, without them ,the family becomes disconnected.

Vasu - maternal links .

Liga ni Magiti deserve more respect and honour in our Fijian patriarchal society .

More awareness is needed on women and environmental issues.

Na yalo ni loma ni veikau ( In the spirit of the forest ) Pedagogy

Na Yalo ni Loma ni veikau ( In the Spirit of the forest) Pedagogy

Health & Safety Literacy is paramount.

Patriarchy is the biggest challenge we face.We are seen as subservient to men.

How do we make our village spaces a healthy environment for our Liga ni Magiti?

Luvedra na Ratu Liga ni Magiti

They are us .

Na  wai ni sucu ( breast milk ), the liquid gold that sustains human life since birth, it's about time we protect  and sustain  that  food source.

Women connect relationships.

Gender is an important part of development programs. Our subordinate status; violence, inequality, lack of opportunity, poverty and oppression need to be openly and vigorously discussed at our clan and tokatoka meetings.

VosaVakaViti Advocate.

'Me da qacoya mada  na vosataka ga na vosa vakaViti dina me ra rawa ni ra  lai rawa ka vinaka na gone e loma ni vale ni vuli." Mrs Tuipulotu Vugakoto,Retired  Curriculum Language Writer.

Artwork: SPerham. Liga ni Magiti,Veisusu o Bu,Nei & Nau e vale ,loma ni noqu koro ,vanua, koro ni vasu. A reflection of Mum/Aunt & Grandma nurturing hands at home.

Why are we scared to talk about our body parts?

We are dying young & in numbers.

We need a change in attitude.

We need to encourage, support & educate one another about Liga ni Magiti's Health.

How can we expand the conversation to get indigenous Fijian writers to write Vosa VakaViti resources

"Raising environmental awareness in schools and communities using Vosa VakaViti resources is crucial." Ma Rokosawa,Environmental Leader @Mamanuca Environment Society Fiji,Nurture Nature Fiji School Seedling Distribution.